Why Israel is not this demonic, apartheid state some make it out to be

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey


Yair Lapid, Israel’s finance minister from 2013-14 made an exceptionally well-grounded point recently. He pointed out a classic and well-known British trait – support for the underdog, and how it has a knock-on effect towards many Briton’s attitudes to the on-going conflict between Israel and Gaza. Building on this, it is clear that this is the case – from looking at examples such as Britain opening its doors to an exodus of Belgian immigrants after the First World War, or even initially helping the much persecuted Jews regaining their homeland in Israel in 1946. Awareness of this bubbled to the surface after the Holocaust, where Jews were evidently the underdog under the Nazi rule.

The Israel-Gaza conflict seems to be displayed emphatically over the mainstream media. News outlets such as the BBC, or left-wing newspapers such as the Guardian or the Independent, appear to have a suggestive bias against Israel – in…

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